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♦ Appraisal ♦ Repairs ♦ Regulation ♦Tuning

♦ Voicing ♦ Cleaning ♦Touch-up ♦ Refinishing  

What Is Piano Regulation?

Regulation is the process of optimizing the piano action (moving parts, keyboard and mechanism) to provide the best response to our touch. In a sense regulation is the optimization of touch and tone. A piano that is out of proper regulation can have sluggish repetition, uneven tone, touch, exhibit tonal irregularities and an inability to play gently or softly. A fine regulation will result in an even touch whereby the piano keys and action respond in a like manner throughout. Power and control are restored.

We use words like aftertouch to describe the sensation at the end of the keystroke at the very moment of sound. Aftertouch provides a comfortable touch sensation for pianists a physical zone for parts rotation, travel completion and repetition of each note. Hammer voicing in conjunction with regulation improves tone and timbre (tone color) in this process.

Our regulation procedure includes inspection, repair and cleaning of the piano keyframe, keybed and action. Necessary repairs are made, friction is measured and reduced as needed followed by adjustments of key height, dip and level, key travel and spacing, hammer shaping, alignment, spacing and travel, all major action alignments, timing and parts synchronization, repetition spring and repetition lever adjustments and a host of other fine alignment and related adjustments.

Regulation improves touch , tone and responsiveness of the piano and provides the basis for a positive musical experience.